Monday, October 28, 2013

Process Political Action Committee PROPAC

In the last several years, U.S. Supreme Court decisions have unleashed unbridled money into our political system; every penny spent in the name of division; obstruction of process; obfuscation of the truth; and abandonment of common sense and the common good. The U.S. Supreme Court has effectively said that our political system is for sale to the highest bidder. This PAC will serve the People and the government by buying civility, cooperation and efficiency for the American people from a Congress that does not even know they have it for sale. In order to get Congress behave and play nice, we will pay them up front for good behavior. Congressmen who do not obstruct bills; vote with the opposing party on occasion and do not use parliamentary procedure obfuscate political intent or gain secret favor, get to keep the money. Congressmen who do those things and pretty much anything else to slow down or secrete the process will lose their share of the money to those who do not. The initial pre-imbursement rate shall be $1,000,000.00 per year of elected service. House Members would have deposited in an escrow account at the beginning of each term $2,000,000.00; Senate Members $6,000,000.00. Actions by the Members throughout their term will determine the amount of cash remaining in their account on payout day near the end of their term. Money deleted from a Member’s account is dispersed evenly to the accounts of the other Members within the body. As the years pass, members who are good will accumulate funds from those who are bad. Funds in the escrow account will be disbursed 6 months from the end of the Congressman’s term, just in time for re-election spending needs. This fund is blind to party and ignorant of policy. Who is good and who is bad will be determined on points of PROCESS ONLY. A Board of Directors made up of Parliamentarians and Scholars will be named to create the rules that reward those who expedite process and regular order and penalize those who do not. An example of something that would cost a Member greatly would be a filibuster in the Senate. The amount of the penalty for such a move would be say 25% of the Members account balance that day. Smaller infractions would carry much smaller deductions in the 1-5% range. No one is trying to prevent, block or limit any Members’ powers here, just trying to get them to think about the rest of us when they throw them around. We’re already paying them to do that; we’re just not getting our money’s worth. Billionaires are funding the current degradation of the political process; other more altruistic Billionaires need to step up and kick start this repair process. The amount of Initial funding needed is $535,000,000.00 + overhead/ year; chump change to the likes of Mark Cuban; the Koch brothers; George Soros, Michael Dell; Warren Buffett; Bill Gates and hundreds more. Conservatives will support the fund when they have an advantage in the power balance of the day and Progressives will do so when they are up. This means that the party the PEOPLE have chosen in any given period will be more able to move legislation efficiently; obliterating gridlock. Because of its structure; who donates is immaterial; all that matters is how much. Over time as results are realized, attitudes on how government should work will change. Election cycles will weed out the assholes who will find themselves ostracized and underfunded. As the fund works and grows, Members of Congress will become less dependent on outside money and will be continuously reinforced for their good behavior as they check their balance on the web each day. It will force the people behind the current system to spend more and more money to maintain their hold and influence on bad actors in Congress. This escalating cash race will reach a tipping point when all parties involved will find spending the next dollar cost prohibitive or the law of diminishing returns will make it pointless. Then, and only then, we will get our “Government of the People” back. This effort may be nothing short of the private beginning of Public Campaign Financing. Let the race begin. I’m betting on the good guys. John McJunkin…….. aka JBlunt. Sent this to today. hope they bite.