Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bicycle Sport Shop Helps Cancer Victim

Some of you are familiar with my current battle with cancer. My COBRA is running out. New Texas Insurance Health Pool coverage was sooooo expensive I would have had to give up my home, move to a bare lot in Canyon Lake and live in my motorhome to afford the premiums. Brandon Pace of Bicycle Sport Shop on South Lamar just made it possible for me to continue my medical battle; stay in my home of nearly 20 years; stop the relentless drain of cash from my retirement account; and have a brighter future. HE GAVE ME A JOB. After 1 1/2 years of unemployment, this part time job will make it possible for me to get group health insurance. For me, that’s LIFE or DEATH.
Buy all your bike shit at Bicycle Sport Shop. If you know Brandon, let him know what a Saint he is. .................And this November, if this story moves you, vote so we can have 62 Democrats in the Senate, and finally get what we all voted for LAST November!