Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conservative Primmer.

Last time I checked, Conservative meant "more personal responsibility and less government control". When I think of what’s conservative according to the above rule, I find myself to be pro choice; pro secular; pro gun; anti deficit; pro privacy and compassionate towards the lesser of us.

PRO-CHOICE because nothing is more controlling than a government that tells women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

PRO-SECULAR because the constitution demands it and because fascist imposition of religious dogma through legislation causes almost ALL strife and conflict in the world.

PRO-GUN because the second amendment says I can be.

ANTI-DEFICIT because that is the definition of conservative finance.

PRO-PRIVACY because your home should be your castle. Do whatever or whomever you want at home as long as it doesn’t harm another.

COMPASSIONATE towards the lesser among us because the book most Americans cite for guidance on virtue and righteousness says I should.

These are the things my father told me were conservative. Is this the time of the rebirth of true conservatives untainted by religious bias? Will the Republican Party ever return to the ideals of true conservatives like William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater? If they do I will become a Republican again. Right now, the Democratic Party is closer to true conservative values than the Republicans and its been like this for the better part of four decades. As the radical right and religious fascists began to infiltrate the Republican Party in the 70's and 80's it became more and more intellectually corrupt. What the party is now only faintly reflects its roots.

Between the Patriot Act, the deregulation of Wall Street, tolerance of religious fascism and the unjustified invasions of foreign nations, the REPUBLICANS have KILLED real CONSERVATIVISIM.

Stop Screwing with GOOD FOOD!

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is destroying every food product that I love. Why hasn’t anyone done anything to curtail the actions of these food fascists that are destroying everything from Nestles Quick to Frosted Flakes to McDonald's French Fries? Thanks to the actions of these food fascists all those products and many more now taste like crap and I have stopped buying them. I am the only one who should be responsible for what and how much I eat, NO ONE ELSE! The idea that private interests can manipulate large corporations who have been putting out quality products for decades and force them to cow tow to a minority of morons who cant control their own eating habits is BULLSHIT. We should be allowed to eat whatever we want in whatever quantity we want without the interference of the government, let alone private individuals who don’t even know me or have any legal authority over me. I highly recommend setting up a web site where people who feel like I do can funnel money to those who will fight for our rights. As we all know In America the person with the most cash wins these kinds of arguments. I would also make an excellent advocate for your efforts and would be glad to assist you in any way I can to stop this crap. Congress must pass either tort reform or other legislation that will stop this BIG BROTHER repression of freedom of choice. If you or your children get fat and die from Frosted Flakes it’s your fault not KELLOGS! Their lawyers must be completely worthless pussies! How can this even be debatable?
John McJunkin