Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Origin of the Feces

The Origin of the Feces

Our political system is corrupt and becoming more and more corrupt every day. This will continue until the stain of religion is removed from political discourse and existing laws. Here’s a quick primmer on where we are and how we got into this crappy situation.

The First Amendment says two things; Churches have no business in politics at all; the Government shall not form a church. The 1944 Supreme Court decision that opened the door to the tax exemptions churches now enjoy was wrong and has led to state of political perversion we have today. Behemoth corporations masquerading as churches which are used as ATMs by politicians who then inject religious dogma into US law in direct treasonous violation of the First Amendment. Another devastating decision was taken in 1958 when government was forbidden from denying unconstitutional tax exemptions to churches. In 1970 the Supreme Court drove the final coffin nail that sealed our path to self destruction by upholding broadly the tax exemptions of churches.

God and Communist fearing morons corrupted the Pledge of Allegiance in the mid 50’s. Here’s how I learned it, as the original writer (a Baptist Minister) wrote it before McCarthy and his Commie hunting minions got a hold of it.

“I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands; one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

No references to God or Communism. No paranoid line that specifies which country you’re pledging allegiance to as if you’re so stupid you might confuse the United States with Russia; just a nice clean, eloquent statement of loyalty, equity and nationalism.

And here’s what’s what about marriage law. The word marriage should not appear in ANY law as Marriage is a religious institution and any such laws violate the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. The only authority who should be deciding who does and doesn't get married are churches. Now before you blow a fuse, read on. Government should give any pair of individuals’ spousal rights upon demand and parental rights automatically at the birth of or adoption of offspring. Straight people would marry in traditional churches. Gays would marry in progressive churches and government wouldn't have a damn thing to say about it. No more arguments from either side. All individuals get what they are entitled to under the law and religious fascists can run around claiming whatever they want about the validity of this marriage or that and no one will give a crap. It won't matter.

This only scratches the surface of how jacked up our laws have become since that decision in 1944. If you want to do what’s most effective to eliminate this institutionalized treason, get congress to write new law that reverses the tax exempt status of churches and specifies prison time for political tampering by religious entities and their front organizations. This will turn churches back into what they should be; groups of loosely associated like minded people with only individual political power. Like the rest of us.

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