Sunday, December 28, 2008

Letter to John McLaughlin

Dear John,
I have been watching your show for the better part of two decades and I am glad to say it has always been a cogent analysis of what is going on in the world, until today. I have never heard such a load of crap as I heard today on your show. I am from Texas and I am a Democrat and you should take to heart what I am about to tell you.
NAFTA has been a disaster for the middle class in Texas. The enhanced illegal immigration that has occurred since its inception has destroyed the wage base, increased crime and burdened government agencies with unmanageable unrecoverable costs. The only people who have benefited are illegal immigrants and the corporations that employ them. Anyone can pick a random set of statistics to support their argument if they are willing to ignore countervailing statistics that undermine their argument. I thought you were above that. And if gas does go to $10.00/gallon we will simply have caught up with the rest of the world who pay that now. Expensive gasoline would be a boon for America. It would force the inevitable conversion to a solar electric paradigm that the world WILL eventually accept and America would once again find itself on the cutting edge of a technological revolution instead of the ragged tail we now cling to.
The Press is not coddling Barak Obama. They recognize and properly acknowledge a human being of high integrity, intelligence, maturity and secular moral certainty that the public and the constitution demands of a commander in chief. The polar opposite of what we have now. Hillary, John and George ALL represent the same old shit none of us are willing to tolerate any more, period.
I cannot believe that the entire panel (with a feeble caveat by Clarence Page) chose to assist in propagating the lie of pre Democratic debate phone calls to the Canadian Ambassador which have been flatly denied by the Canadian Ambassador and are as yet unsubstantiated by the CBC. Shame on you for going to press with rumor and presenting it as fact. Again, I thought you were above that.
I will conclude with just one more thought because I realize lengthy, verbose emails are rarely taken seriously. For God’s sake let Eleanor Clift finish her points. I notice you all shut the F up when the attractive young and markedly un-credentialed Monica Crowley speaks. You misogynist assholes!