Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cheneys Got a Gun

Cheney’s Got a Gun
Sung to Aerosmith’s Janie’s Got a Gun.

Cheney’s got a gun.
His workday’s just begun.
Killin’ is so much fun.
Everybody is on the run.

Soldiers and pilots too,
They kill Iraqi’s for you.
But you’ve never pulled the trigger.
You’re always outside looking in.
If there’s an order you will give it.
But now you want to live it.
Goin’ huntin’ in the mornin’ Friend!

Cheney’s got a gun.
It glistens in the mornin’ sun.
The boys are out havin’ fun.
Helpless birdies are on the run.

What did those birdies do?
They gave an excuse to you.
And when you pulled the trigger,
that lawyer went right to the ground.
You said “Man that rush was bithchin’.
He’s down but he’s still twitchin’.
Should I hit him with another round?”

Runaway, runaway from the Press.
Runaway, runaway run-away-eay-eay-eay-eaye.

Cheney’s got a gun.
Lunch of beer, cocaine and rum.
And now the deed is done.
But the Sheriff might spoil the fun.

What will the White House do?
“If the press gets this we’re screwed!”
From an undisclosed location,
we can keep the shooter out of sight.
Instead of telling all the nation,
“We’ll give it to one station,
who we know will never shine the light.”

Runaway, runaway from the Press
Runaway, runaway, run-away-eay-eay-eay-eaye

Cheney’s got a gun.
His workday’s just begun.
Killin’ is so much fun.
The World is on the run.

What can sane people do?
Cash in Cheney’s last I.O.U.?
All the dead and wounded soldiers,
and torture victims know it’s true.
Without Bush and Cheney’s killin’
The World would all be chillin’.
Future skies will once again be blue.

Cheney’s lost his gun.
The liars have come undone.
The World is much more fun.
Nobody is on the run.