Sunday, July 24, 2005

Roberts, Rove & BEER!

Hello Blunts!

I have been on the road with the Tour de Fat for New Belgium Brewing. It’s basically a traveling circus and music show carnival bike ride something. It is a blast! Events include a slow race; a tour of the local town center with everyone riding freaky fabricated bikemorphs in an attempt to attract or abhor the locals; a raffle of a New Belgium custom cruiser bike; a couple of “not the usual” bands; a burlesque show (YEAH!); good food and lots of New Belgium beer! All shows are Zero environmental impact events with total recycling of trash and food and use Solar Powered Staging by Sustainable Waves. New Belgium Brewing itself relies on 100% off the grid power (80% wind and 20% waste water methane recovery) to brew its beer and is a wholly employee owned company. How much better does it get than that, I ask you? Austin used to host it annually but permitting here in Austin became problematic and when they moved it to Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville the attendance dropped off and the event has not returned. If you want this FREE festival of fun and freakiness to return to Austin, write Chris Winn I’m having a blast and if you can join us in one of the 8 or so towns left on the tour, please do. For dates and towns go to and click on The Vibe\Tour de Fat.

As for politics, Democrats and anyone else who appreciates a disciplined, intelligent, thinking man with impeccable credentials, the ability to and a history of separating their personal beliefs from the application of the Constitution as it pertains to the written law, should support the nomination of John Roberts to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. By all accounts, both personal anecdotal and professional references he has an impeccable record of jurisprudence, advocacy and professionalism. The idea that such an idiot (Bush) could have chosen so wisely when it was so important boggles the mind. The sane members of G.H.W. Bush’s former staff were consulted heavily on the choice. Rove probably handed Jr. a fishbowl full of raffle tickets that all had the same name on them so he could pretend he was actually making the choice. I say liberals and true conservatives (not to be confused with fascist social conservatives) should shut up and hope for Souter part deaux! Someone as intelligent as Roberts can and always does separate their personal beliefs from their legal constitutional obligations to protect the people. I really think Jr. has made the same “error” his dad did and that Roberts will turn out to be a reasonable moderate force for privacy, human rights and everything else the Warren Court of the 70’s gave us.

Karl Rove can’t be a very happy camper these days. George Bush can’t be real happy either. It’s as though his brain has betrayed him. One thing is clear, someone on the flight deck of Air Force One gave up the identity of C.I.A. agent Vallery Plame Wilson to punish Ambassador Joe Wilson for showing the President to be the liar he’s always been. Consequently every person inside and outside the C.I.A. she worked with has been exposed and become less effective in the war on terror if not in real danger of bodily harm. An innocent reporter is in prison and Rove is not! Disgusting! He’s damn editlucky no one we know of has died as a result of his treason.
What he thought was just another in his long litany of political dirty tricks has turned out to violate the 1917 Espionage Act and the more recent Covert Operatives Protection Act. Perhaps his first call after reviewing the “work up” that Scooter Libby had done on Joe Wilson (likely at Rove’s request and with the Presidents knowledge) should have been to his lawyer instead of to Robert Novak. Any good lawyer would have told him he was about to commit a serious crime. To boot, Karl has apparently lied to federal agents during the investigation and they know it! Oops! That alone can get you a decade in the Federal Penitentiary. The President’s knowledge of this “work up” and subsequent actions to be taken on its findings has likely already been testified to before the Grand Jury by Colon Powell. Witnesses place all three gentlemen on Air Force One at the same time discussing the same document with each other. That’s why the criminal Bush has backed down from promising to “fire any one involved” to “dealing appropriately with anyone who has committed a crime”.
The President is impeachable for lying to us about the reasons for war in Iraq and now is impeachable for trying to cover up the lies he told us. His and his accomplices crimes’ make the Nixon gang look like a bunch of pikers. What happened is blatantly apparent and if the special prosecutor has any balls at all Bush will be referred to the Congress for Impeachment; Rove and Libby will go to prison and the new Supreme Court will reverse Bush vs. Gore on the first Monday in October 2005. OK that last part is just fantasy, but it’s a delicious one for most of us. The saying is true, “If you’re not completely appalled, you haven’t been paying attention.” Yet we allow it to continue by our lack of audible outrage. Not ME! F.U.W!

Peace Love and BEER to YOU my fellow Blunts.