Friday, March 25, 2005

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Austin RV Revolt

Everyone who has been harrased through abuse of the complaint based system used to enforce City of Austin codes, PLEASE click on the Austin RV Revolt link and tell your story. Please help me propigate this link by sending it to everyone on your email list or to anyone you know who has a story to tell. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

RV Protest-OFF the RECORD

I'm about 4 days into this protest and things are getting very interesting. I have compiled here a littony of stories, complaints and anechdotes given to me off the record by City officials. The following comments are paraphrased from direct comments made to me in the course of this saga.

*There was a guy in this neighborhood that got cited for having one of those add-on carports and he got so mad he went around the entire area and turned in about 100 complaints at once all for the same thing he had been cited for. I spent weeks wasting my time going all around here making everybody mad and all because one person, you don't even know who didn't like this guy's brand new carport.
*My guys have a lot better things to do than going around chasing down complaints like these. We are already short on resources and have more than enough to do. It really urks me the amount of time and money we spend chasing these complaints.
*Who knows. Anything can set someone off. I got a series of complaints on one property that had a domestic dispute occurring there at the time. After a while I had to just get the parties together and cut off the City's envolvement before things got out of hand and the police came.
*If I could I wouldn't enforce any of these bullshit ordinances that make peoples lives miserable. It's becoming like a police state, like Berlin under the Nazi's.
*6' wood or masonary fence that blocks it from ordinary public view, thats it. It needs to be stable so it won't blow over in the wind. We're not interested in asthetics. We have no opinion on that. Do whatever you want. Sounds like a good idea.
*This tickles the shit out of me. I love it.
*I hope you get all these laws thrown out. What buisness does the City have telling you what you can do on your own property anyway?
*I think thats a great idea. Keep me informed on how you do.
*I hope it works.
*Anyone who gets mad at you or just wants to start trouble can use us as a tool to a personal end. Half the time it's not really about the violation, it's about the individual.


RV Protest update 03/22/05

I have just received my first negative response from my RV Ordinance protest. Oddly enough (or not) it came from my next door neighbor. She was in tears. She said I had "really hurt her" and that I was "being a jerk". She argued that I had created an eyesore (true) and insisted that she was not the one who turned me in. Due to some poor editing on the part of KVUE it appeared that her neighbor opposite me was opposed to the protest action. He is not. He was also threatened with a $2000.00/day fine. (curious, no?) He helped me put the fence sections in place in my yard and I have more sections that were intended for the boat parked in his driveway. We just couldn't get them up before the TV crews arrived.

I sincerely regret the anguish she is going through. She's nice and I like her. She had some friends in from out of town this weekend and she said "they made fun of her because of what (I'm) doing." Anybody see anything wrong with that? Do your friends make fun of you when someone else acts stupidly? Mine don't.

She thinks I miss the point when she says I was the one to buy the trailer and have to take responsibility for obeying the rules.

I think she misses the point when I say the law is being applied unfairly and that people ought to live and let live. Not to mention the fact that everone else in the neigborhood, nay most of the town is free from enforcement of this ordinance. I just want to be treated like everyone else. Equally.

At about this point she gave me a real go to hell look and told me to get my dogs' shit out of her yard. Which I did.

I hope things gets better after the protest is over.


RV Protest update 03/22/05

Well the email response has been 100% positive so far about my RV ordinance protest. For every show of support I will be adding a thumb-tack to my billboard enclosure. Please email your favorite RV publication to help spread the word about this protest. If you are tired of idiots with no aparrent life who drive down the street looking for ways to jack with people they don't even know or give a rat's ass about, contact me and I will note your support on my billboard. I am beginning to see much wider press coverage. Jump on the bandwagon!

Thanks to everyone who's spoken up for property owners rights!
You can visit the protest site at:
3703 Alexandria Drive
in Austin, TX

Monday, March 21, 2005

RV parking ordinance protest in Austin TX

Yo Blunts!
Watch KXAN TV here in Austin TX tonight to see the protest being waged by yours truly against the City of Austin's RV parking ordinance.
Last month an unknown complaintant called in to the City Zoning Enforcement Office to complain about my travel trailer parked in the driveway. I read the ordinance and constructed an enclosure that meets the requirements of the ordinance but is clearly less desirable than parking it in the driveway. I hope the asshole who complained will learn thier lesson and not jack with people just because they can. I will post pictures here soon!
AND if there are any lawyers out there who will offer pro bono assistance to my lawsuit in federal court to attemt to invalidate complaint based enforcement please email