Thursday, December 08, 2005

Coulter's Conundrum

Dear Blunts,

Thursday night when shouted down by a crowd of college students, Ann Coulter decided to open a question and answer session with the statement "I love to engage people who are stupider than I am."

Some educators and journalists might have problems with the form and or innuendo of the statement. I disagree. I think its perfect.

Her heinous grammar deliciously wraps her admission of stupidity in flawless irony.

She’s mo' better at speakin' than I ever reckoned.

John McJunkin aka JBlunt Austin Texas

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Katrina Kills

‘ Let the Niggers die……’
must have been the subconscious mindset at the White House as New Orleans filled with water and hundreds of thousands of Americans became stranded in rising water during the first few days following hurricane Katrina’s trip through the Crescent City. One thing’s for sure, this tragedy has laid bare the routinely covered tracks of class and race that still divide this country. There were failures at all levels of government from George Bush all the way down to the individuals who looted items other than food, clothing and shelter. It was a series of unfortunate events, most of them completely controllable, that left hundreds of thousands of mostly black Americans to survive or die on their own.

The factor that is most sinister, oppressive and damaging to the individuals affected is the subconscious racism that still permeates every corner of our society. Most white people and Bill Cosby say that it is the fault of the downtrodden minorities that they are still downtrodden. If you think nearly two centuries of government sanctioned apartheid has been erased by less than half a century’s affirmative action you are living in the Matrix and I hope Morphius visits you soon! Take the RED pill. This lingering subconscious apartheid leads to unequal education and opportunity. It causes default judgments to occur in your mind. Like, the two white guys with crew cuts hanging out on one corner are good old boys and the two black guys with short hair hanging out on another corner are drug dealers. The most public and a classic example of this is the Associated Press’s now infamous pair of photos depicting different groups of Katrina survivors. In one photo, white people are seen “finding” what they need to survive in a local grocery store while in another photo black people are seen “looting” what they need to survive from the same store. Is it the color of the individuals’ skin, the neighborhood or the income of the people that drowned that caused their deaths? No. A natural disaster caused the deaths. Their race and class just made them much more vulnerable. While everyone is writhing in the agony of Katrina you should remember that poverty, a by-product of racism, kills more people every year than terrorism and natural disasters combined

At the Federal level, the first failures began occurring as long ago as the 1990’s when scientists studying global warming filed reports regarding the retreating coastlines and began asking for money to restore the costal wetlands all along the gulf coast. The Clinton administration funded these projects but once President Bush was appointed in 2000, money for these critical efforts was dramatically cut to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and an illegal war in Iraq which by the way has made the response capability of both the Guard and the Military to this tragedy more tenuous. Two more Bush mistakes that Katrina would expose were President Bush’s lowering of the status of the Federal Emergency Management Agency from a Cabinet level office with the ear of the President to a division of Homeland Security two layers removed from the White House. The appointment of long time Bush friend, State government intern and mediocre horse trainer David “Brownie” Brown to be head of FEMA was a crime against America. I know appointing friends to political patronage jobs is a long standing, dishonorable and widely accepted American tradition, but to appoint such an unqualified person to a job on which American lives are dependant is criminally negligent.
FEMA’s continuing incompetence is too broad, too pervasive and too ongoing to try to cover in the space I am allotted here, but here’s just one more for you. Right now there are hundreds of loads of ice in refrigerated trailers all around the country waiting to come to Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama. FEMA could have dropped them in the stricken areas near where they are needed. The contents would be available to those who need it and they would only need to pay someone to keep the refrigeration units full of fuel. Instead they are scattered about the country and we are paying truck drivers and storage facilities to hold them.

The State of Louisiana failed when it was slow to move in the National Guard and resisted the presence of the American Military when President Bush first moved to deploy the 82nd Airborne into the area. This hesitation in the face of disaster cost lives. The Governor was worried about losing administrative control over the situation. In reality she had already lost control and was incapable of getting it back without the help of the military. The US Military is the only organization large enough; disciplined enough; mobile enough and well enough equipped to deal with anything a devastating as hurricane Katrina. The Governor should have had National Guard troops enter the city concurrent to the water’s entry so that order could have been maintained and logistical support provided to the emergency services that were still operating. The US Coast Guard was on the scene as soon as the wind died down and in the first few days rescued more than 6000 people with 11 helicopters operating 24 hours a day. They are the only government heroes in this tragedy. The main reason they were able to respond so effectively and quickly is because they weren’t listening to FEMA or the Governor or the Mayor. They were simply executing a task that they are well trained for and pre authorized to perform. The Governor needs to assign “Basics Missions” to 2 different units of the National Guard: a Water & Food unit; a Shelter and Sewage unit. These units would operate like the Coast Guard, independently and automatically once an emergency was declared. An emergency in this tragedy was declared two days prior to the failure of the levees. If these units existed, the points of last refuge would be secured and stocked when refugees arrived. Information collected from refugees by these first responders could be used to facilitate the Military’s search and rescue efforts when they arrive.

Local failures that lead to unnecessary death and disorder were: the Mayor’s lack of an adequate evacuation plan (in May of this year the Mayor actually released a PSA that basically told New Orleanians that they were on their own when it came to evacuation); the unanticipated desertion of officers from the New Orleans Police Depatment; and negligently poor planning for situations that could not only be predicted, they should have been obvious.

Poor planning like, why were hospitals allowed to have their generators the basement? Doh! Where were the giant potable water reservoirs? Most hospitals don’t have them! Potable water tanks should be large and in the basement. Generators should be on the roof! Power should be divided by floors so that as a floor is abandoned to the rising water it can be disconnected and does not take down the entire facility. Why don’t hospitals have large drainable sewage tanks to where waste can be diverted when sewage systems fail? What were the architects and planners thinking? Every medical facility, retirement home and designated point of last refuge should be stocked with more than enough of the basics to allow refugees to survive until Federal help arrives.

Order is the most important factor for the public at large. The New Orleans Police Department lost command and control and was immobilized by the rising water. A state with more swamp buggies than any other, more air boats, more john boats, more pirogue’s, more fucking shallow water conveyances of various types than any other state, and they were immobilized! Why doesn’t the NOPD have a few of these? And how many more 9-11’s and Katrina’s will have to happen before emergency services of all forms abandon their centralized communications systems that fail when the repeaters and base stations fall victim to the event. This was the biggest problem for Police in NYC on 9-11 and it repeated itself in spades in New Orleans. Without communications or the ability to move about much of the New Orleans Police force abandoned their stations and went to try to help family, protect property or just fled a deteriorating situation they had no ability to control. A situation that would not have deteriorated so precipitously or as far as it did if the basic needs of the refugees had been provided for.

Poor evacuation planning left busses, hundreds of them parked in lots on Friday and Saturday prior to the storm where they were destroyed by the storm surge. Their drivers should have been ordered to stay and transport the thousands of people who had no car or money to get out on their own and then loaded with ice, water and MRE’s on the return trip for those who could not get out in time. Everyone who wants to get out and has enough time should be facilitated in evacuating. EVERYONE!

Because evacuation did not include everyone, officials made a decision to send people to the Superdome and the New Orleans Convention Center. Both last resort destinations were cruel jokes. No food. No water. No security. No place to take a shit. How come we can we get enough port-a-potties for an outdoor concert with an expected attendance of 200,000 with 24 hours notice and one phone call but there were none in place in the designated shelters 5 days after the problem had become desperate? The department of Homeland Security prevented the Red cross from going to either location for days. Network TV reporters could get in but the Red Cross and the National Guard couldn’t get a truckload or two of basic supplies in? COME ON! The Police said they were too scared and out numbered to provide security. TOUGH SHIT COPPER! Get in there and put yourself in harms way for the law abiding citizens. That’s what we pay you for. And again I ask the Governor, where was the National Guard? Last time I saw a National Guardsman on duty he was packing an M-16 and wearing a flack jacket. He’d make short work of a thug with a gun stolen from a pawn shop.

You may or may not have noticed that I have not used the word ‘flood’ in describing what happened to New Orleans, and for good reason. The insurance industry is adding insult to injury by contending that wind driven water (storm surge) is equivalent to flood water (rainfall) and is denying insurance coverage to anyone who has a waterline in their house. They will and should lose this argument. Rainfall totals cannot account for the water depth that was evident in most neighborhoods. Only wind. Water is no different than any other inanimate object that is propelled by the wind and causes subsequent damage. If wind blows a car or a tree into your house you’re covered. If wind blows water into your house you should be covered too. But for the wind (legal ease), neither the car, nor the tree nor the water would have damaged your house. Many properties destroyed by the storm surge are above 100 year flood planes and will still be after this storm because this wasn’t a flood. A hypothetical example: A large water tank above and adjacent to your mountain side house fails in a windstorm and the water released from the split open tank destroys your house on its way down the hill. Have you been in a flood? Is your house now below the flood plane? Will your insurance company even hint about not paying? No. NO. And NO!

And lastly I offer a solution that eliminates almost every problem I wrote about above that relates to storm surge. Fill it in, the whole city. Turn New Orleans into a city constructed on a dome, not in a bowl. If that creates a few extra floors below ground level in office buildings that survived, so be it. Turn New Orleans into the world’s largest landfill project. Raise the elevation of every square foot of New Orleans to 3 feet above high tide and provide those who’s houses and buildings were destroyed by the storm enough money to rebuild. Let’s make New Orleans the poster city for the right way to rebuild in costal areas that suffer severe storm damage. Raise the elevation of the land, strengthen the buildings and restore the costal buffers that provide natural protection to lives and property. Don’t just “set ‘em up” so Mother Nature can “knock ‘em down” again because she will eventually someday come knocking once more.

The President has not attacked this problem with the same fervor he exhibited during 9-11 when the enemy was terrorism. Perhaps it is partially because the victims are just a bunch of poor black people who don’t vote for him anyway. Perhaps it was because no one on his staff wanted to tell him the truth as some have said. There is probably some truth to both deeply troubling assumptions. I hope the handling of the aftermath of Katrina drives the death nail deep into Bush’s coffin. He has failed at every aspect of governing since 9-11. He’s killing us all, literally; both here and abroad.


Please encourage your friends to visit where you will find “Humor beating a path to the Awful Truth.”

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Roberts, Rove & BEER!

Hello Blunts!

I have been on the road with the Tour de Fat for New Belgium Brewing. It’s basically a traveling circus and music show carnival bike ride something. It is a blast! Events include a slow race; a tour of the local town center with everyone riding freaky fabricated bikemorphs in an attempt to attract or abhor the locals; a raffle of a New Belgium custom cruiser bike; a couple of “not the usual” bands; a burlesque show (YEAH!); good food and lots of New Belgium beer! All shows are Zero environmental impact events with total recycling of trash and food and use Solar Powered Staging by Sustainable Waves. New Belgium Brewing itself relies on 100% off the grid power (80% wind and 20% waste water methane recovery) to brew its beer and is a wholly employee owned company. How much better does it get than that, I ask you? Austin used to host it annually but permitting here in Austin became problematic and when they moved it to Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville the attendance dropped off and the event has not returned. If you want this FREE festival of fun and freakiness to return to Austin, write Chris Winn I’m having a blast and if you can join us in one of the 8 or so towns left on the tour, please do. For dates and towns go to and click on The Vibe\Tour de Fat.

As for politics, Democrats and anyone else who appreciates a disciplined, intelligent, thinking man with impeccable credentials, the ability to and a history of separating their personal beliefs from the application of the Constitution as it pertains to the written law, should support the nomination of John Roberts to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. By all accounts, both personal anecdotal and professional references he has an impeccable record of jurisprudence, advocacy and professionalism. The idea that such an idiot (Bush) could have chosen so wisely when it was so important boggles the mind. The sane members of G.H.W. Bush’s former staff were consulted heavily on the choice. Rove probably handed Jr. a fishbowl full of raffle tickets that all had the same name on them so he could pretend he was actually making the choice. I say liberals and true conservatives (not to be confused with fascist social conservatives) should shut up and hope for Souter part deaux! Someone as intelligent as Roberts can and always does separate their personal beliefs from their legal constitutional obligations to protect the people. I really think Jr. has made the same “error” his dad did and that Roberts will turn out to be a reasonable moderate force for privacy, human rights and everything else the Warren Court of the 70’s gave us.

Karl Rove can’t be a very happy camper these days. George Bush can’t be real happy either. It’s as though his brain has betrayed him. One thing is clear, someone on the flight deck of Air Force One gave up the identity of C.I.A. agent Vallery Plame Wilson to punish Ambassador Joe Wilson for showing the President to be the liar he’s always been. Consequently every person inside and outside the C.I.A. she worked with has been exposed and become less effective in the war on terror if not in real danger of bodily harm. An innocent reporter is in prison and Rove is not! Disgusting! He’s damn editlucky no one we know of has died as a result of his treason.
What he thought was just another in his long litany of political dirty tricks has turned out to violate the 1917 Espionage Act and the more recent Covert Operatives Protection Act. Perhaps his first call after reviewing the “work up” that Scooter Libby had done on Joe Wilson (likely at Rove’s request and with the Presidents knowledge) should have been to his lawyer instead of to Robert Novak. Any good lawyer would have told him he was about to commit a serious crime. To boot, Karl has apparently lied to federal agents during the investigation and they know it! Oops! That alone can get you a decade in the Federal Penitentiary. The President’s knowledge of this “work up” and subsequent actions to be taken on its findings has likely already been testified to before the Grand Jury by Colon Powell. Witnesses place all three gentlemen on Air Force One at the same time discussing the same document with each other. That’s why the criminal Bush has backed down from promising to “fire any one involved” to “dealing appropriately with anyone who has committed a crime”.
The President is impeachable for lying to us about the reasons for war in Iraq and now is impeachable for trying to cover up the lies he told us. His and his accomplices crimes’ make the Nixon gang look like a bunch of pikers. What happened is blatantly apparent and if the special prosecutor has any balls at all Bush will be referred to the Congress for Impeachment; Rove and Libby will go to prison and the new Supreme Court will reverse Bush vs. Gore on the first Monday in October 2005. OK that last part is just fantasy, but it’s a delicious one for most of us. The saying is true, “If you’re not completely appalled, you haven’t been paying attention.” Yet we allow it to continue by our lack of audible outrage. Not ME! F.U.W!

Peace Love and BEER to YOU my fellow Blunts.


Friday, March 25, 2005

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Austin RV Revolt

Everyone who has been harrased through abuse of the complaint based system used to enforce City of Austin codes, PLEASE click on the Austin RV Revolt link and tell your story. Please help me propigate this link by sending it to everyone on your email list or to anyone you know who has a story to tell. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

RV Protest-OFF the RECORD

I'm about 4 days into this protest and things are getting very interesting. I have compiled here a littony of stories, complaints and anechdotes given to me off the record by City officials. The following comments are paraphrased from direct comments made to me in the course of this saga.

*There was a guy in this neighborhood that got cited for having one of those add-on carports and he got so mad he went around the entire area and turned in about 100 complaints at once all for the same thing he had been cited for. I spent weeks wasting my time going all around here making everybody mad and all because one person, you don't even know who didn't like this guy's brand new carport.
*My guys have a lot better things to do than going around chasing down complaints like these. We are already short on resources and have more than enough to do. It really urks me the amount of time and money we spend chasing these complaints.
*Who knows. Anything can set someone off. I got a series of complaints on one property that had a domestic dispute occurring there at the time. After a while I had to just get the parties together and cut off the City's envolvement before things got out of hand and the police came.
*If I could I wouldn't enforce any of these bullshit ordinances that make peoples lives miserable. It's becoming like a police state, like Berlin under the Nazi's.
*6' wood or masonary fence that blocks it from ordinary public view, thats it. It needs to be stable so it won't blow over in the wind. We're not interested in asthetics. We have no opinion on that. Do whatever you want. Sounds like a good idea.
*This tickles the shit out of me. I love it.
*I hope you get all these laws thrown out. What buisness does the City have telling you what you can do on your own property anyway?
*I think thats a great idea. Keep me informed on how you do.
*I hope it works.
*Anyone who gets mad at you or just wants to start trouble can use us as a tool to a personal end. Half the time it's not really about the violation, it's about the individual.


RV Protest update 03/22/05

I have just received my first negative response from my RV Ordinance protest. Oddly enough (or not) it came from my next door neighbor. She was in tears. She said I had "really hurt her" and that I was "being a jerk". She argued that I had created an eyesore (true) and insisted that she was not the one who turned me in. Due to some poor editing on the part of KVUE it appeared that her neighbor opposite me was opposed to the protest action. He is not. He was also threatened with a $2000.00/day fine. (curious, no?) He helped me put the fence sections in place in my yard and I have more sections that were intended for the boat parked in his driveway. We just couldn't get them up before the TV crews arrived.

I sincerely regret the anguish she is going through. She's nice and I like her. She had some friends in from out of town this weekend and she said "they made fun of her because of what (I'm) doing." Anybody see anything wrong with that? Do your friends make fun of you when someone else acts stupidly? Mine don't.

She thinks I miss the point when she says I was the one to buy the trailer and have to take responsibility for obeying the rules.

I think she misses the point when I say the law is being applied unfairly and that people ought to live and let live. Not to mention the fact that everone else in the neigborhood, nay most of the town is free from enforcement of this ordinance. I just want to be treated like everyone else. Equally.

At about this point she gave me a real go to hell look and told me to get my dogs' shit out of her yard. Which I did.

I hope things gets better after the protest is over.


RV Protest update 03/22/05

Well the email response has been 100% positive so far about my RV ordinance protest. For every show of support I will be adding a thumb-tack to my billboard enclosure. Please email your favorite RV publication to help spread the word about this protest. If you are tired of idiots with no aparrent life who drive down the street looking for ways to jack with people they don't even know or give a rat's ass about, contact me and I will note your support on my billboard. I am beginning to see much wider press coverage. Jump on the bandwagon!

Thanks to everyone who's spoken up for property owners rights!
You can visit the protest site at:
3703 Alexandria Drive
in Austin, TX

Monday, March 21, 2005

RV parking ordinance protest in Austin TX

Yo Blunts!
Watch KXAN TV here in Austin TX tonight to see the protest being waged by yours truly against the City of Austin's RV parking ordinance.
Last month an unknown complaintant called in to the City Zoning Enforcement Office to complain about my travel trailer parked in the driveway. I read the ordinance and constructed an enclosure that meets the requirements of the ordinance but is clearly less desirable than parking it in the driveway. I hope the asshole who complained will learn thier lesson and not jack with people just because they can. I will post pictures here soon!
AND if there are any lawyers out there who will offer pro bono assistance to my lawsuit in federal court to attemt to invalidate complaint based enforcement please email

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Immigration, like abortion, should be Safe, Legal and RARE

A lot of people these days are considering what to do to help or stem the tide of illegal aliens that cross the U.S./Mexico border every year. These individuals employed in mostly menial labor jobs when they arrive after taking great risk just to get here. Some argue that America could not function without these men and women who work jobs that are, in my eyes, tantamount to slave-labor. I thought we had fought and won a war once upon a time long ago to end the exploitation of minorities. Landscapers, contractors and corporate farms seem to have forgotten who won that war. I used to be an employer of Mexican nationals. I went broke paying $10- $16 an hour while my competitors exploited the same class of individuals at minimum wage. Our current President wants to sanctify this abuse with the new immigration bill now before Congress. This bill would give more legitimacy to those who are forced by the economic tyranny of their country to flee to the only slightly less abusive economic tyranny of this country. It does not do anything to actually help the abused; it just makes it ‘OK’. But is it really OK to take advantage of an entire race of people just because you can? And as we take into America all these millions of unassimilated foreigners will the U.S. become something other than what it is now? You know, kind of like what happened to the Indians? Should America stand by and let this happen? Would it be a bad thing?

In the eyes of those who think migrant workers are a boon, the most important thing is that these people be given the opportunity to live and work in the U.S. These strange bedfellows include greedy American consumers, the corporations that feed their greed, Republicans and a handful of misguided human rights advocates. Greedy American consumers want to continue an injustice that brings them cheap produce. Corporations enjoy exploiting the wage disparity that nets them more money while pleasing the greedy Americans. Republicans think it’s a way to get more votes from a minority blind to the exploitation by trumpeting a few proposals that sound good but just perpetuate the injustice. And as to why some human rights advocates advocate for a subjugated minority to remain a subjugated minority (support the President’s plan) is simply beyond common sense comprehension.

In the eyes of those who think migrant workers are a problem, the serpent has many heads. There are those opponents who remember that this is a democracy and that (occasionally) majority rules. Trouble for them is, Hispanics are rapidly becoming the new prominent minority in this country and if you take the population projections out far enough, presto, white Europeans no longer rule this country. Amexico is born! Opponents also point to public services enjoyed by but allegedly not paid for by illegal aliens and their offspring such as public schools, medical care, food stamps, children’s services and so on. Opponents blame immigrants for drug importation. The trouble with that argument is that if illegal aliens were employed in the drug trade they sure as hell wouldn’t need the near slave-labor jobs they have to take when they arrive. Some opponents are offended by even the existence of bilingual ATM’s, signage and stores with Spanish marquees that leave them baffled as to what they sell because they “no hablo EspaƱol.” I used to be one of those people. Then I went to Europe for a few weeks. I’ve never cursed public bilingual postings of any kind since.

The two main problems are of course wage disparity and assimilation. Wage disparity causes the build up of a large potential pool of eager laborers just on the other side of the border. A failure to assimilate into American culture by those laborers who do cross the border and stay is changing the culture of America on this side of the border.

Wage disparity can be blamed on the past, present and future governments in Mexico. Mexico will always be a poverty ridden nation as long as the wealthy elites hold all the power in Mexico. Mexican government politicians would like to see America take on more of the socio-economic burden they are unwilling to bear in their own country. They have even gone so far as to say Mexican nationals should have an “expectation” of a right to work in the U.S. Until regular Mexicans organize and defeat the paid politicians who see to it that Mexican socio-economic reform remains a dream, wage disparity will always be a problem. Don’t blame American industry for this disparity! Corporate interests all along the southern U.S. pay the least amount of money they can, offer no benefits, no overtime, nothing they are not required by law to provide. If they could eliminate the wage disparity between the U.S. and Mexico by lowering wages, they would! Some American consumers would just die (and we should let them) if farm workers were paid a living wage resulting in them having to pay a few cents more for a loaf of bread or a basket of fruit. They contend that Americans won’t take the low paying jobs that the illegal aliens take. And they’re right. I wouldn’t pick fruit or harvest vegetables for $5 an hour. No one should. When’s the last time one of you 20 something call center pussies who eat junk food and read from a script all day long actually did some manual labor? If you ever did you’d find yourself ashamed of either the $10 an hour you are paid for munching and chatting through a few hours of your day to support yourself, or the $5 an hour paid to good hard working people who labor until their hands bleed 10 hours a day, sacrifice their youth, health and sometimes freedom to support large extended families. Harvesting is hard labor. Citizens of the U.S. who work hard labor jobs like longshoremen, steelworkers and pipe fitters get $15-$20 an hour or more. I’ve had two of those jobs in my life and worked as a farm laborer. Harvesting is more physically demanding then either of those “trades” but because we allow exploitation of an illegal minority we pay those who work the harder job 60%-80% less than those who have a “trade”. Last time I checked with a family farmer friend of mine, he considered his work a “trade.” If harvesting paid $15-$20 an hour you’d find a lot more white folks and powerful labor unions in the fields.

We’ve been screwing the Mexicans for years and their government has been bending them over and handing us the Vaseline for just as long. This sick, twisted, codependent relationship must stop and the only way is for one of us to act like adults and end it. We have all the money and therefore all the power in this relationship so we are the only ones in a position to take meaningful actions to correct it. My suggestions for fixing this complex, intertwined, imbedded and accepted injustice are a lot like tough love.

1) America should make the border of the United States and Mexico impenetrable. An impenetrable border will force everyone’s hand that has an interest in immigrant labor.

2) Institute a Guest Worker program that allows frequent unfettered traceable movement of laborers to and from the markets where their services are desired and construction of Guest Worker processing centers near all crossing points where documented Mexican nationals can walk in with a voucher from an U.S. employer for a guaranteed job with living accommodations in hand and walk out with a work visa from the U.S. in minutes, not months.
3) Temporary repatriation (at least on paper) of all illegal aliens currently living here. People wouldn’t actually have to leave but they would be forced under threat of deportation to produce valid Mexican ID and obtain the same visa available at the processing centers.

4) A publicly financed rail system capable of transporting workers from the Mexican processing centers to the various locations across the country where the jobs are, and then back again to Mexico at the end of the season.
5) Fiscal arrangements between the U.S. and Mexico that compensate America for expenses incurred transporting and tracking Guest workers while they’re here and compensate Mexico for the Social Security payroll taxes collected in the U.S. that Mexicans pay and never see a dime of upon retirement.

6)Complete protection of immigrant laborers under all U.S. labor laws including the right to organize and form unions to enhance their bargaining power with the corporations that now indiscriminately abuse them along with full access to all social services and other amenities any U.S. resident would expect.

If this normalization of labor practices between the U.S. and Mexico can be realized there will be benefits for everyone. Exploitation would vanish. Coyotes would no longer have jobs. Corporations would have to pay wages based on demands of real people protected under law not on the faint pleadings of illegal laborers with no protected rights. Wages would rise for all farm workers. Immigrant laborers would be protected under all U.S. laws and no longer subject to the indiscriminant abuses of corporations that have no fear of retribution for those abuses. Subconscious as well as blatant discrimination would wane over time because derogatory term “illegal” would now be about the actions of the persecutor not the individual being persecuted. In America, being part of the system offers social acceptance; access to public services; legal protection; recourse for abuses; opportunity to petition the government when you want change and more.

Assimilation poses its own set of complicated paradoxes. Failure to assimilate causes a lot of the social and racial tension that exists on this side of the border. I would bet you a million dollars that if every Mexican national that came to America spoke fluent English and consistently drove over the speed limit they wouldn’t even be noticed in American culture. Do we really want or expect Mexicans to assimilate to what are essentially western European standards of culture or do we want them to bring to America new culture that enriches us and makes us stronger through diversity? The answer of course is YES to BOTH. America is built on diversity and a conglomeration of assimilated cultures that make up the “melting pot” culture we enjoy living in today. Mexican nationals who avoid assimilation by living their lives outside the system pick up a heavy burden they can never set down. They must first suffer Mexican exploitation by coyotes to get access to the near slave-labor environment here in America. This is followed by the ridicule of Americans in the form of stares and discrimination when they gather on street corners and labor camps. They are further exploited by American corporations who pay the least they can and treat them however they want to because their lack of legal status prevents them from using labor laws to protect themselves. They must constantly lie about who they are, commit fraud, falsify documents, live in the shadows and must always live in fear of being found out, arrested and deported. This is BULLSHIT! This should not be happening.

Assimilation for Guest Workers would be less critical to those who are worried about the effect on American culture. If you don’t live here or don’t want to live here you would simply participate in the Guest Worker program where assimilation is not expected. Mexicans who do want to take up permanent residence and or citizenship in the U.S. should want to assimilate in the same way as the Italians, Germans, Irish, Vietnamese, Japanese and others. Right now many Mexicans are either resisting assimilation or going through a process of imposed assimilation that is more akin to what Africans and American Indians went through. And it doesn’t seem to be going much better now than it did then.

Assimilation is important to maintaining the "melting pot" culture that has become America. Right now unassimilated illegal aliens are changing America. Do we really want some of the common realities of Mexican life to take root here? Do we want things like bribery of police; passive acceptance of illegal payoffs to government officials: widespread abject poverty; third world quality health services; government condoned air, land and water pollution; contaminated public water; civic disregard for public safety; a crime rate that even the military can’t control; population densities like that of the Gaza Strip; disappearances and murders that are rarely solved and drug wars as common practices here? Don’t Mexicans flee Mexico because all those things are different here? Do we want these aspects of Mexican culture in America? NO! If you want to live here, be prepared to assimilate and leave the negative aspects of your culture behind. Bring to America the flavors of your culture, not its afflictions.

Wage disparity is an injustice and should not be tolerated.
Assimilation for those who want to call themselves Americans should be desired by the individual and expected by society.

I’m sure I have offended almost everyone involved in or who cares about this issue. Good. Maybe you’ll think new thoughts. Maybe you’ll see the other persons point. Maybe you’ll talk to them about what an asshole you think I am. Maybe you’ll have more meaningful discussions of the real issues. Maybe you’ll step out of the covered cages that blind you to the truth if I rattle them this hard.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gay Activists shold point the gun at the enemy instead of repeatedly shooting themselvews in the foot.

Homosexuals, God bless ‘em, keep shooting themselves in the foot politically. They seem bound and determined to wipe out any chance of getting what they want out of marriage because they are hung up on the word marriage. I have been following this issue for some time and now have some advice for my friend loving friends.

In September of 2003, Homosexuals believed they’d won a victory in Massachusetts when the Supreme Court of that state endorsed Gay marriage. If you call sticking a hot poker into the eyes of the only people who can help you enact a Federal Law endorsing gay unions of any type and raising the ire of the 98% of the population that is not gay a victory, then "good show fellas". Subsequently, Representative Barney Frank came out against the “Marriages” that later began taking place in San Francisco, CA on Valentine’s Day. Mayor Gavin Newsome should have listened to him. Since then, the California Supreme Court (not exactly a conservative hotbed) has ruled the marriages unconstitutional and the Mayor’s political prospectus has gone from reading “the next Bill Clinton” to “has-been pretty boy with no political capital outside of Haight-Asbury.” People with liberal leanings should take Representative Frank’s advice and think before they act when dealing with such a politically sensitive issue. Sane liberals of all inclinations should be rabidly paranoid of this movement.

The political wrath of the federal politicians and media started almost instantly after Massachusetts. If the chosen path had been to abandon the ‘M’ word and secure the rights and privileges every gay wants to have with some other word, advocates would have been less of a target for the radical right. Civil Unions might have slipped in under the radar and advocates of these rights would be a leg up already. But the insistence on the use of the word marriage, with all its attached religious and legal implications, has raised the hackles of almost every religious or traditionalist individual in the country. Using the words Civil Union circumvents all the religious arguments, winning half the battle up front.

We already know most Republicans will vote to defeat progress on this issue. Many Democrats may someday be forced to follow suit thanks to the pressure exerted by Supreme Court’s decision in early 2004 not to hear a challenge to the Massachusetts law. In order to placate the 98% of us who are not gay, lawmakers must now consider laws banning Gay Marriage when they could be considering laws endorsing Civil Unions. If proponents of equal rights for gays continue to insist on using the word ‘marriage’ most of the viable Democratic Presidential candidates for 2008 plus Congressmen, Senators and their challengers from both parties, will be forced to take a position against gay 'marriage' in order to get elected. In this climate, passing a constitutional amendment banning gay 'marriage' forever will be easy.

Joining two persons together for life can be traced back in time without ever figuring out conclusively which authority begat which, church or state. In many early instances they are indistinguishable. The tipping point for me as to who must have originated the concept and who holds the ultimate authority in handing out marriages is that even the weddings of Kings required the sanction of a member of the dominant church. Most Kings or governments throughout history have either claimed or dictated a belief in a god of one sort or another. Marriage has been secularized over time by governments all over the world. The fact that a religious establishment (marriage) is endorsed by government in direct violation of our Constitution is the root problem for us here in America. The Separation Clause in our Constitution was an attempt to secularize government, an attempt to eliminate interactions between church and state in order to protect each from undermining the other (to try something new). Marriage was simply allowed to ‘fall through the cracks’ because of tradition. I argue that these ‘cracks’ never existed and that the current political storm over gay marriage is what will force us to finally correct this oversight.

If true separation of church and state existed, we would not be having this argument. We should secure equal rights for gays who want to get 'married' without using the term “Marriage!” It gets gays what they want without further blurring the line between church and state. I would venture that most folks who endorse gay 'marriage' also support the Separation Clause of the Constitution. If the Supreme Court takes any position on this matter either way, it will by its action inject government into what should be a purely religious debate. Make no mistake; “Marriage” is a preponderantly religious institution. It has been adopted into U.S. law over the years in clear violation of the Separation Clause of the Unites States Constitution. If the Supreme Court of the United States is forced into making a decision pertaining to “Marriage”, gay or straight, it will enshrine for the first time, constitutionally based case law binding church and state. What gays are trying to do now and what everyone else has been doing all along clearly violates the implied separation of Church and State set out in the First Amendment. The ACLU to my astonishment appears to support the gay agenda. If they would just look past the end of their noses to the long term consequences they would be backing Civil Unions. You would think that these words, uttered by every leader of a Church who performs a marriage, “And now by the power vested in me by (insert your local jurisdiction here)”, would be prima fascia evidence of this ongoing traditional violation of the First Amendment. The only one that should be vesting power in the Church is God.

So, let religious types keep “Marriage” as a religious pact. Let the church win the semantic argument. Let them call it (as President Bush has done) a “sacred” institution. This adds weight to the argument to apply the Separation Clause to “Marriage.” Force government to treat all Americans the same with respect to legal and civil rights by using a different word that the Church has no historical authority to exercise sanction over. By doing this you categorically eliminate the Church's right to participate in the argument. Without the church's ideologically driven fanatical input, working out the details of enforcement of ordinary rights between individuals and the state would be relegated to an obscure committee somewhere on Capitol Hill and then passed by Congress as a 'Bill that benefits everyone in America.'

Renaming the government’s description of marriage and letting the church keep performing religious “Marriage” ceremonies is far more desirable than fighting to change the traditional definition. It will give equal rights to everyone under the law without any religious taint or blessing and further delineate the bright line the First Amendment draws between church and state. The Congress needs to pass legislation as soon as possible separating marriage from any codification by government. All “Marriages” previously endorsed by government should revert to civil unions and the ability of anyone to enter into these unions in the future should be broadly allowed. Anyone “Married” in a church by a member of the clergy, gay or straight can call themselves “Married”. The Civil Union (the state and federal governments’ nomenclature for marriage) would provide the underlying rights and legal implications. Everyone will likely still use the word marriage to describe a Civil Union contract or a church sanctioned “Marriage” ceremony that includes an underlying Civil Union contract, no-one can stop that. But that would just be traditional, not legally binding.

The current path being followed by radical supporters of gay marriage will seal the deal on the Supreme Court making the final call. They will not vote in your favor and in the process, may damage the First Amendment that helps protect us all. In fact, when the politicians see that day coming, the Supreme Court won’t even get the chance. They will pass a constitutional amendment that will destroy most of the fruits of years of activism that will have occurred by then. If they do that, the first amendment won’t have been damaged, it will have been shredded. Try to have some foresight people. You’re winning battles that will likely cost you the war and hurt everyone. If we don’t soon get back to the secular view of government our forefathers intended to set in stone by adopting the First Amendment, God help us all.