Sunday, December 14, 2003

Bush Shoots Baker in the Back, Saddam Takes the Bullet

A couple of weeks ago James Baker, formerly of the George W. Bush administration, was tapped by our current President* to go to the members of the world community who were unsupportive of the Iraq war and beg for more cash and debt relief for the war effort. Last week the President* shot Baker in the back and seemingly crippled his mission with the decision to exclude the aforementioned countries from contracts to rebuild Iraq. International reaction to this decision was unanimous in both outrage and disbelief. The fact that we arrogant Americans would turn away allies after being wrong about the need to go in, getting bogged down in a guerilla war, and having to send our country into debt that will burden our grandchildren, that we would turn down forgiveness and help from our friends after being so wrong in so many ways, stupefies them. The likelihood of Baker having any success in his endeavor in the shadow of the contracts decision was nil.

Enter Saddam Hussein. Pulled from a hole in Adwar Iraq Saturday, looking more like a homeless person than a dictator, he took that bullet for James Baker and the President*. He was caught without resistance despite being armed with a pistol, some other weapons and $750,000.00 in cash. The news of the former Iraqi leaders capture had both the French and German Ambassadors hurried onto national news networks to praise the capture and to protest that last weeks fury had always been an attitude of ‘let bygone’s be bygone’s’. Now, thanks to the very man the President* has been trying to destroy, James Baker can go to Europe and maintain the arrogant American posture and likely get what the President* wants. This political capitulation to a moral principal when we should be the ones with hand held out in humility reeks of irony. The hunted has saved the hunter, for now.

How many more times will this President* be able to step in a bucket of crap and come out 'with the appearance of’ smelling like a rose?


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America.
LONG LIVE President Hastert!