Sunday, October 26, 2003

Moore Gets the Shaft but will He Get the Cage too?

By refusing to hear the case brought by the FORMER Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore (former because he was fired by the other judges on the bench for violating a Federal Court Order) the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the SECULAR foundation of our Constitution. As it has been established for years, the principal of separation of church and state remains intact but is threatened by the age and inclinations toward retirement of the current lot of Justices. The U.S. Senate can protect us for now but removing our current feaux President must remain a priority. Anyone who takes a look around the World with open eyes can see that Religion, whether fact or fantasy, causes almost all human strife. Religion has no place in Government unless of course your motivation is to corrupt it and give sanction to human strife.

Roy Moore says the Equal Protection clause in the 10th Amendment to the U.S, Constitution protects Alabama and He from this outcome. Obviously it does not. Will Roy Moore go to prison? He should. I would if I had defied a Federal Court Order. Where's my Equal Protection from people like him? If Roy Moore is allowed to resign instead of facing justice that will be a violation of the Equal Protection clause, and I hope the ACLU notices.


Copyright 2003 John McJunkin

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Republicans Can't Think Straight

Intellectual consistency has been abandoned by the Republican Party in this country. People who support one political position based on a moral or social principle they endorse do not always follow the same moral or social principle when evaluating other political positions.

Think you’re an intellectually consistent conservative Republican?

Conservative Republicans like hands off government don’t they?

How many conservative Republicans out there feel that the choking hands of government should be pulled a free from the throats of corporations so that they can grow and prosper making more money and more jobs lifting the entire economy as a whole raising each and every one of us to higher standard of living?

How many conservative Republicans out there feel that the heavy hand of government should be lifted from the backs of the common man in the form of tax cuts so that he or she can keep more money from the each paycheck spending it wherever they want instead of the government deciding where it should go?

So then……. how come so many conservative Republicans keep trying to shove the controlling hand of government so far up a woman’s crotch it won’t actually fit?

How come so many conservative Republicans are totally freaked out by and vehemently opposed to attorney general John Ashcroft’s attempts to restrict civil rights and privacy in this country that is, unless you’re gay?

If Republican economic policy is so conservative how come it’s the economy that goes down the crapper every time a Republican president gets his hand near the handle?

Just imagine that the economy is a giant toilet. You can use it in two ways. You can flush shit down the toilet whereupon you end up with less shit (desirable) or you can flush money down the toilet whereupon you end up with less money (undesirable). When Republicans have their hands on the handle they flush money down the toilet. “Tax cut for the rich!” Wooooooooosh. New Department of Homeland Security! Woooooooosh. War for oil! Woooooooooooooosh! Ya know, I don’t even remember what the economic priorities were during the Clinton era, and I wish I didn’t have to try. If that stumpy little criminal President* of ours had just left economic policy alone he’d be lookin’ pretty good right now. “Won a couple o’ wars, economy’s steamin’ along, Ron, Dennis pretty much everybody who can rat me* out’s goin’ to jail. Yeah we’re losin’ a 20 year old every 12 hours world wide and there won’t be any money left to support the Baby Boomers in 20 years but who’s gonna notice that.”

If the Republicans who are currently in charge of the government were really “conservative” they’d pay their bills, cut up their credit cards, insure their children’s future, cut taxes on people who actually WORK for a living, get their noses out of gay men’s bedrooms and their hand out of my girlfriend’s ass.

JBlunt …… Austin, TX
*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America LONG LIVE President Hastert

Copright 2003 John McJunkin