Friday, September 19, 2003

Gun Control? People Control!

Want better Gun Control? Use both hands.
Want better Gun Control laws? READ THIS!

Establish laws that call for the strongest penalties the public will tolerate based solely on the BEHAVIOR of the HUMANS who use guns NOT on the characteristics of the actual piece of hardware. A loaded gun with the safety off cannot and will never be able to hurt any HUMAN unless a HUMAN interferes with it.

If I steal an Colt AR-15 and storm the nearby shopping mall I may be able to kill a small number of people before everyone either runs or hides. Then as police surround me I will either die or give up. A defective/dangerous product lawsuit against Colt will likley follow.
If I steal a Caterpillar bulldozer from the nearby construction site and run it at 20-30 mph through the center of the crowded mall I will kill more people in the first 50 yards than that piker with the AR-15 can kill in 2-3 hours. If people run and hide in the stores or bathrooms I could simply turn the bulldozer in their direction and all the glass and clothing racks in the world will not protect them. When the police show up, I would simply push the police cars and swat team vans around like toys killing officers and disrupting any tactics they may have fancied effective in the situation. Why would this work. Just ask Bush 43*, he knows. Overwhelming force. Will the victims sue Caterpillar? Sure. But they will lose. Why? Because their isn't a large number of misguided nutballs out there trying to manipulate Caterpillar to gain political advantage. And don't give me that crap about the gun being designed to kill and the bulldozer is not. It is the use of the chosen hardware not its capability that matters. The bulldozer is far more capable of killing large numbers of people in a densely populated area than the AR-15.

Colt will no longer sell their hardware to ordinary citizens because of the recent absurd court decisions that transfer responsibility for actions humans who violate the law to the corporations who have cash. A gun pointed at a human by another human that kills the second human when operated is not defective but it has been illegally and properly operated. A bulldozer pointed at a human by another human that kills a large number of humans is not defective, but it has been illegally and improperly operated. Please notice that in the first case a device designed to kill has been properly operated and in the second case a device not designed to kill has been improperly operated, yet the second is more effective than the first. So much for arguments about intended use.

A while back, a human stole a tank and drove it around town smashing everything in his path with impunity until he high centered it. This human had operated it both illegally and in the end, improperly. Has the Army been sued? Have tanks been outlawed? NO.

Just notice how much HUMAN involvement it takes to cause any piece of hardware to take a HUMAN life. That tank was sitting peacefully in the armory until a HUMAN interfered. That AR-15 was sitting peacefully in a closet until a HUMAN interfered. That bulldozer was moving dirt until a HUMAN interfered. Clearly HUMAN BEHAVIOR is the problem not the design, availability or effectiveness of the hardware.

Both political parties need to wake up and smell the reality. Make laws that make sense. Similarly misguided legislation currently on the books or under consideration in the areas of drugs and taxes also need some sense beat into them.
But that's another subject...


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America LONG LIVE President Hastert!

Copyright 2003 John McJunkin