Sunday, December 14, 2003

Bush Shoots Baker in the Back, Saddam Takes the Bullet

A couple of weeks ago James Baker, formerly of the George W. Bush administration, was tapped by our current President* to go to the members of the world community who were unsupportive of the Iraq war and beg for more cash and debt relief for the war effort. Last week the President* shot Baker in the back and seemingly crippled his mission with the decision to exclude the aforementioned countries from contracts to rebuild Iraq. International reaction to this decision was unanimous in both outrage and disbelief. The fact that we arrogant Americans would turn away allies after being wrong about the need to go in, getting bogged down in a guerilla war, and having to send our country into debt that will burden our grandchildren, that we would turn down forgiveness and help from our friends after being so wrong in so many ways, stupefies them. The likelihood of Baker having any success in his endeavor in the shadow of the contracts decision was nil.

Enter Saddam Hussein. Pulled from a hole in Adwar Iraq Saturday, looking more like a homeless person than a dictator, he took that bullet for James Baker and the President*. He was caught without resistance despite being armed with a pistol, some other weapons and $750,000.00 in cash. The news of the former Iraqi leaders capture had both the French and German Ambassadors hurried onto national news networks to praise the capture and to protest that last weeks fury had always been an attitude of ‘let bygone’s be bygone’s’. Now, thanks to the very man the President* has been trying to destroy, James Baker can go to Europe and maintain the arrogant American posture and likely get what the President* wants. This political capitulation to a moral principal when we should be the ones with hand held out in humility reeks of irony. The hunted has saved the hunter, for now.

How many more times will this President* be able to step in a bucket of crap and come out 'with the appearance of’ smelling like a rose?


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America.
LONG LIVE President Hastert!

Friday, November 21, 2003

Bloomberg Blows It

Mayor Michael Bloomberg blows it. Bloomberg tried to eliminate primaries in New York politics. He even spent 2 million dollars of his own money to pass it.

Was he asleep during the CalEfornia recall election or does he just have an affinity for circuses his constituents do not?

New Yorkers are not stupid and rejected the proposed change by more than 2 to 1 in the election.
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Supreme Court reinforces right to privacy.

.............from a previous post...........
The Supreme Court’s sweeping endorsement of sexual privacy
"Conservatives suffered a setback in the Supreme Court today............." is a phrase echoed by almost every talking pinhead on almost every news channel all day today.

“Conservatives” believe in a right to privacy and hands off government.

Conservatives had a glorious day today. The more accurate descriptor for those who feel cheated today is fascist.

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

My life with Mike

Young Timmy relates fond memories of NEVERLAND and his secret bedroom. The toys, the games and the little smelly monster that pops out from behind the barn door.

............coming soon............

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Gay Lobby Shoots Self in Head

Homosexuals believe they won a victory in Massachusetts today. If you call falling short of the primary goal and raising the ire of the 98% of the population that is not gay a victory, then "good show fellas".
The political wrath of the politicians and media has already started. If the chosen path had been to abandon the ‘m’ word and secure the rights and privileges everyone wants them to have, the road ahead would be lined with supporters of all sexual and religious dispositions. But since ‘marriage’ is an essentially religious state that has over time (thousands of years) been adopted and sanctioned by governments as routine, changing the rules for who qualifies has raised the hackles of almost every religious or traditionalist individual in the country. We already know Republicans will vote to defeat progress on this issue. Democrats will soon be forced to follow suit thanks to the pressure exerted by today’s decision on the 98% of us who are not gay. If proponents of equal rights continue to insist on using the word ‘marriage’ most of the viable Democratic Presidential candidates plus Congressmen and Senators from both parties, will be forced to take a position against gay 'marriage' in order to get re-elected. In this climate, passing a constitutional amendment banning gay 'marriage' forever will be easy. The fact that a religious doctrine is endorsed by government is the root problem. If true separation of church and state existed, we would not be having this argument.

We should secure equal rights for gays who want to get 'married' without using the term 'marriage'! It will get gays what they want without further blurring the line between church and state. I would venture that most folks who endorse gay 'marriage' also support the separation clause of the Constitution. If the Supreme Court takes any position on this matter either way it will by its action inject government into what should be a purely religious debate. So let religious types keep 'marriage' as a religious pact and let it become a symbolic name used by believers (straight or gay) to describe the underlying renamed legal arrangement accepted by government. Renaming the legal description of ‘marriage’ and letting the church keep performing marriage ceremonies is far more desirable than fighting to change the traditional definition. It will give equal rights to everyone under the law without any religious taint or blessing and darken the line between church and state. The current path being followed by radical supporters of this position will seal the deal on the Supreme Court making the final call. They will not vote in your favor. In fact, when the politicians see that day coming, they will pass a constitutional amendment that will destroy most of the fruits of years of activism that will have occurred by then.
Try to have some foresight people. You just won the battle that will likely cost you the war.


Copyright 2003 John McJunkin

Bush* Trip to Britain PREVISION Synopsis

George Bush* goes to England. OOPS! What was he thinking? Like fine French wines, he does not travel well. After the George Michael video depicting Blair as the submissive to Bush* in an S&M parody became so popular, and after transforming that parody into fact with sexed up dossiers, distorted intelligence and the deaths of both British and American soldiers as the two marched in political lock-step, one might think that the puppeteers at the White House might have suspected it would be a bad idea to send Bush* to Britain to rub the public's nose in it. But NO! The political masters at the White House saw right through the obvious and undeniable negatives to the obscure and indiscernible pluses the excursion would produce.

First there no actually that turned out rather badly.

Second was the glorious....... no uh that was actually embarrassing.

Well you can't deny the great TV we got from his visit to.......oh all right! So he didn't look least he didn't puke on his host like Daddy.

Over all you got to admit the trip was a huge success benefit

uh useful............OK fucking disaster.

But don't worry George*. Your base won't notice. They're too stupid to see the obvious and undeniable. That you're an idiot. A dangerously powerful idiot.


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America

LONG LIVE President Hastert

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Monday, November 17, 2003

Paul Harvey's Confused

The other night I was watching Paul Harvey on television. He recently had a medical problem, a virus, which caused him to lose his classic Paul Harvey voice. It was a very dark time and he spent months on his knees praying to god to return his instrument to him. After a nine months of preying He finally went to a Physician. His Physician implanted a small plastic fiber in the muscle the adjacent to his larynx. Took about 45 minutes. His voice returned instantly. Nine months of praying and suffering. “I spent a lot of time that night on my knees that night I can tell you.” He told Larry King. So my question is, what were you doing Paul? Servicing the doctor’s yang? He’s the one who got you your damn voice back. God ignored your ass for nine months!


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Austin Music: Alien Grass

Mo Pair, Sara Hammond & Victor Bustos @ Green Muse 519 Oltorf. I really didn't know what to expect except that anything Mo does is usually excellent. They did not disappoint. In a broad ranging display of vocal prowess Mo & Sara blended their voices beautifully. Original tunes and excellent acoustic interpretations of a couple of covers kept the small intimate crowd of fans and a few members of the jam band Groovin' Ground captivated. "Breathing Rain" written for Sarah by Mo and "Jane Said" were especially sweet. Instrumentation of A.G. is 1 electric and 2 acoustic guitars. See more about the artists at &
Mo has a CD release party coming up at the Cactus Cafe on the 25th and Sara has CD's for sale now.


No more rushes for Rush

Mr. Hypocrite .........I mean Limbaugh is out of rehab! I just took two Vicodins in his honor. Go rush..........I mean Rush!


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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Moore Gets the Shaft but will He Get the Cage too?

By refusing to hear the case brought by the FORMER Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore (former because he was fired by the other judges on the bench for violating a Federal Court Order) the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the SECULAR foundation of our Constitution. As it has been established for years, the principal of separation of church and state remains intact but is threatened by the age and inclinations toward retirement of the current lot of Justices. The U.S. Senate can protect us for now but removing our current feaux President must remain a priority. Anyone who takes a look around the World with open eyes can see that Religion, whether fact or fantasy, causes almost all human strife. Religion has no place in Government unless of course your motivation is to corrupt it and give sanction to human strife.

Roy Moore says the Equal Protection clause in the 10th Amendment to the U.S, Constitution protects Alabama and He from this outcome. Obviously it does not. Will Roy Moore go to prison? He should. I would if I had defied a Federal Court Order. Where's my Equal Protection from people like him? If Roy Moore is allowed to resign instead of facing justice that will be a violation of the Equal Protection clause, and I hope the ACLU notices.


Copyright 2003 John McJunkin

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Republicans Can't Think Straight

Intellectual consistency has been abandoned by the Republican Party in this country. People who support one political position based on a moral or social principle they endorse do not always follow the same moral or social principle when evaluating other political positions.

Think you’re an intellectually consistent conservative Republican?

Conservative Republicans like hands off government don’t they?

How many conservative Republicans out there feel that the choking hands of government should be pulled a free from the throats of corporations so that they can grow and prosper making more money and more jobs lifting the entire economy as a whole raising each and every one of us to higher standard of living?

How many conservative Republicans out there feel that the heavy hand of government should be lifted from the backs of the common man in the form of tax cuts so that he or she can keep more money from the each paycheck spending it wherever they want instead of the government deciding where it should go?

So then……. how come so many conservative Republicans keep trying to shove the controlling hand of government so far up a woman’s crotch it won’t actually fit?

How come so many conservative Republicans are totally freaked out by and vehemently opposed to attorney general John Ashcroft’s attempts to restrict civil rights and privacy in this country that is, unless you’re gay?

If Republican economic policy is so conservative how come it’s the economy that goes down the crapper every time a Republican president gets his hand near the handle?

Just imagine that the economy is a giant toilet. You can use it in two ways. You can flush shit down the toilet whereupon you end up with less shit (desirable) or you can flush money down the toilet whereupon you end up with less money (undesirable). When Republicans have their hands on the handle they flush money down the toilet. “Tax cut for the rich!” Wooooooooosh. New Department of Homeland Security! Woooooooosh. War for oil! Woooooooooooooosh! Ya know, I don’t even remember what the economic priorities were during the Clinton era, and I wish I didn’t have to try. If that stumpy little criminal President* of ours had just left economic policy alone he’d be lookin’ pretty good right now. “Won a couple o’ wars, economy’s steamin’ along, Ron, Dennis pretty much everybody who can rat me* out’s goin’ to jail. Yeah we’re losin’ a 20 year old every 12 hours world wide and there won’t be any money left to support the Baby Boomers in 20 years but who’s gonna notice that.”

If the Republicans who are currently in charge of the government were really “conservative” they’d pay their bills, cut up their credit cards, insure their children’s future, cut taxes on people who actually WORK for a living, get their noses out of gay men’s bedrooms and their hand out of my girlfriend’s ass.

JBlunt …… Austin, TX
*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America LONG LIVE President Hastert

Copright 2003 John McJunkin

Friday, September 19, 2003

Gun Control? People Control!

Want better Gun Control? Use both hands.
Want better Gun Control laws? READ THIS!

Establish laws that call for the strongest penalties the public will tolerate based solely on the BEHAVIOR of the HUMANS who use guns NOT on the characteristics of the actual piece of hardware. A loaded gun with the safety off cannot and will never be able to hurt any HUMAN unless a HUMAN interferes with it.

If I steal an Colt AR-15 and storm the nearby shopping mall I may be able to kill a small number of people before everyone either runs or hides. Then as police surround me I will either die or give up. A defective/dangerous product lawsuit against Colt will likley follow.
If I steal a Caterpillar bulldozer from the nearby construction site and run it at 20-30 mph through the center of the crowded mall I will kill more people in the first 50 yards than that piker with the AR-15 can kill in 2-3 hours. If people run and hide in the stores or bathrooms I could simply turn the bulldozer in their direction and all the glass and clothing racks in the world will not protect them. When the police show up, I would simply push the police cars and swat team vans around like toys killing officers and disrupting any tactics they may have fancied effective in the situation. Why would this work. Just ask Bush 43*, he knows. Overwhelming force. Will the victims sue Caterpillar? Sure. But they will lose. Why? Because their isn't a large number of misguided nutballs out there trying to manipulate Caterpillar to gain political advantage. And don't give me that crap about the gun being designed to kill and the bulldozer is not. It is the use of the chosen hardware not its capability that matters. The bulldozer is far more capable of killing large numbers of people in a densely populated area than the AR-15.

Colt will no longer sell their hardware to ordinary citizens because of the recent absurd court decisions that transfer responsibility for actions humans who violate the law to the corporations who have cash. A gun pointed at a human by another human that kills the second human when operated is not defective but it has been illegally and properly operated. A bulldozer pointed at a human by another human that kills a large number of humans is not defective, but it has been illegally and improperly operated. Please notice that in the first case a device designed to kill has been properly operated and in the second case a device not designed to kill has been improperly operated, yet the second is more effective than the first. So much for arguments about intended use.

A while back, a human stole a tank and drove it around town smashing everything in his path with impunity until he high centered it. This human had operated it both illegally and in the end, improperly. Has the Army been sued? Have tanks been outlawed? NO.

Just notice how much HUMAN involvement it takes to cause any piece of hardware to take a HUMAN life. That tank was sitting peacefully in the armory until a HUMAN interfered. That AR-15 was sitting peacefully in a closet until a HUMAN interfered. That bulldozer was moving dirt until a HUMAN interfered. Clearly HUMAN BEHAVIOR is the problem not the design, availability or effectiveness of the hardware.

Both political parties need to wake up and smell the reality. Make laws that make sense. Similarly misguided legislation currently on the books or under consideration in the areas of drugs and taxes also need some sense beat into them.
But that's another subject...


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America LONG LIVE President Hastert!

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